The Educational Fitness Coaching Program

In this program, You will get two 1,5 hour sessions with me, where I will teach You anything You need to know to reach Your top fitness level. From how to count calories requirement for Yourself and how to track calories in Your food, which body type You are, macro and micronutrients, how to read labels on food, and what foods and training programs would be the best for You to reach Your goals and importance of making this changes Your new lifestyle instead of applying it only short term and face a JoJo effect later. You will also receive an online version of meal ideas for breakfast, main courses and snacks. Plus I will add a breakdown of macronutrients – protein, carbs and fat – per 100g of the most important healthy foods. You will also receive a recording of these sessions in case You wish to rewatch it in the future for a better understanding of the concept.

Although, I do recommend completing my Self-Sabotage Course first in order for You to understand the power of Your subconscious mind and how You can hack it so these new lifestyle changes would be easier for You to apply.

If You watched my video on a Home Page, You probably already know that I competed in bodybuilding bikini fitness for over four years. This time allowed me to gain great knowledge regarding nutrition, training and understanding of the proper functioning of our bodies. Later I also absolved nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness instructor course. People often think that in order to get into good shape and change the physical appearance of their bodies, they have to starve themselves. And nothing could be further from the truth. I will teach You how to make healthy food choices which will be tasty too and how to let the food and proper training program move You closer towards Your body goals.


Price €500

Combine with a self-sabotage course for the price of €800