Hi, it's Dana

Hi there. My name is Dana and I designed this website to share with You what I have learnt over years and teach you how to implement little improvements into Your everyday life to make it better, healthier, happier and wealthier. I’ve done my biggest personal growth mainly over the last three years, which allowed me to build a happy, balanced and healthy life. Now, seeing all the benefits of my new perspective on life, I decided to share it all with You and help You to be the best versions of Yourselves too.

We are living in times when we have an abundance of everything and yet the majority of people are unhappy, suffer from depression and anxiety and struggle to find a purpose in life. I’ve been there too. But thanks to that little voice inside me that kept telling me that there must be something more to life and that happiness is not something impossible to reach or it’s not just temporary, I broke out of that trap and learnt how to enjoy my life to its fullest.

Since we are being born, we are conditioned to believe that life is hard, You have to struggle through it to achieve anything and that grass is always greener on the other side. Constant chasing of something, lack of personal goals and desires, always just following the crowd and don’t stand out. Get the job You don’t like, just to pay Your bills. Get married and have children at a certain age, because that’s what everyone else is doing. Does any of this sound familiar?

Life is a beautiful journey when You learn how to experience the real world, understand energies, the power of your mind and the basics of healthy living. Your environment is influencing Your perception of reality, which later influences Your emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions and creates a life that You don’t really enjoy. If You learn how to control Your environment, You can control what’s happening inside of You as well. Physical and mental health go hand in hand together and it’s time for You to take control of both.

Please watch this video if You wish to get to know me a bit better and to understand what I am trying to achieve in life.

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