Self-Sabotage Coaching

Lately, I have pursued one of my dreams and become a certified self-sabotage coach. A new thing for You, I can imagine, as self-sabotage coaches are only making their proper breakthrough lately with an increasing amount of population that is damaging their lives on a daily basis.
Mostly being fully aware of it, but have no idea why they can’t stop. You know very well that alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, lack of movement, being in an unhappy relationship, keeping the job You hate, screen addiction and
many other things are not making you healthier or happier as health and happiness go hand in hand together. But despite all the harm, these behaviours are causing You, You keep repeating them over and over again. And maybe You even tried to quit them so many times, but You just can’t. You always slip right back to it.

If You want to become the best version of Yourself, free from toxins and toxic behaviours that are constantly holding You back, please watch the following video to find out more about how can I, as a self-sabotage coach teach You to improve Your health, happiness, wealth or any other aspect of Your life that You desire.

Free Yourself from Self-Sabotage - English Version!

We all self-sabotage to a certain extent, some more than others. And it’s time to understand why and how we can control our behaviours better. I went through massive personal growth over the last 3 years and cleared many self-sabotage behaviours from my life and can now teach You how to reprogram Your mind for health, success and happiness. We all deserve this and don’t let anyone to tell You otherwise. If You want to be in a charge of your actions and of Your life fully, learn how to control Your subconscious mind, as that is the part of the brain that is responsible for over 90% of Your behaviours without Your awareness. This part of Your brain is heavily being attacked by media and the influences of Your environment, for one purpose and one purpose only. To make you a human mess, confused, constantly spending money, unhappy, sick, dysfunctional, misinformed, poor.

Different mind techniques and weapons are being used every day to make You believe that You are in a charge of your life when You are really not. Through TV, controlled and overly censored social media, advertising, movies, celebrities, popular culture, all the influences, which very often we have difficulties filtering and their overstimulation of Your brain is making You constantly dissatisfied with what You have and robbing You of time and space to find out what You really want in Your life, what would make you truly happy and find a purpose for Yourself. These influences are constantly fabricating the reality for You that is false and does not serve Your soul. 

I used to self-sabotage on a massive scale as well. Spent all my money on the things that I didn’t need, stayed in an unhappy relationship, worked the jobs I hated and damaged my health with bad food, alcohol, and bad sleeping pattern. Kept around people whose company I didn’t really enjoy, used too many chemicals in my self-care products, spent money I didn’t have, didn’t appreciate people who truly cared about me, and constantly chased the newest trends even if I wasn’t a big fan. But I kept doing all these things because that was what everyone else was doing. And I didn’t know any better. Even now I am still not completely free from all self-sabotage behaviours, but I am being fully aware of them all and working every day on bettering myself and that’s what it really is about. Awareness is a first step to change and even the fact that You are right here on my page reading this is a sign of Your awareness waking up and You getting ready to take some action steps.

If You decide to change Your life and treat me with a pleasure to be Your self-sabotage coach, You get 7-8 hours of my time, which include my deep analysis of Your completed, very detailed questionnaire, 2 one on one sessions ( zoom call or in person, each session is up to 1,5 hours ), in which we’ll look into Your subconscious mind and find the reasons why it is so difficult for You to change Your bad habits and I will teach You how to hack Your subconscious mind and how to reprogram Yourself for success and happiness. In the end, You will receive a summation of our coaching, which will include both sessions recorded (if done online), so You can rewatch them at any time and analyse them further for Your constant improvement. You will also receive written points and advice that we discussed plus a short guide on healthy eating habits and other tips on how to eliminate toxins from Your environment and implement more healthy replacements. I am here to teach You how to improve Your life, however, I am not here to fix all Your problems, that is on You based on the knowledge You are going to gain from our coaching. I look forward to working with You.


The price for my self-sabotage coaching is €350