Translation Services

I offer translation services from English-Slovak, Slovak-English articles, videos, books etc.  Simply send me the materials You wish to translate to the email below and I will send You back the price. If You are happy with it, You’ll pay for the first half upfront and the second half after the translation is completed. I do only translation, it will not be notarized as I am not authorized by the state.

I have lived in Ireland for the last 14 years, where I absolved many courses in the English language such as photography, nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness instructor, computer basic skills, self-sabotage course and many beauty courses.
I had my own business for the last 8 years, where I didn’t only converse with clients on a daily basis, I have done all my paperwork and business operation in English. I am fluent in both Slovak and English languages. I am also available if You wish to book me for some events where You expect English speaking guests and need someone to actively translate - weddings, birthday parties, business meetings or You are just visiting Slovakia and need someone to translate for You. Please click the button below if You wish to contact me regarding translation services and thank You for supporting my work.